Wishful Thinking (The Swann Sisters) by Evangeline Andrews

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Wishful Thinking (The Swann Sisters) by Evangeline AndrewsWishful Thinking
Series: The Swann Sisters Chronicles
by Evangeline Anderson
Published by Samhain Publishing on November 18, 2008
Pages: 304
Genres: Contemporary, Humor, Paranormal, Romance


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The Swann Sisters Chronicles, Book 1

How do you ditch your Fairy Godmother?
As her 25th birthday approaches, mild-mannered Philomena Swann lives in terror of her annual birthday wish. Sure, she has a disinterested fiance and a misogynistic boss, but from experience she knows wishing both away could result in disaster. Why? Because she and her sisters are one-eighth fairy. Not enough to give them magical powers, but enough to qualify for a fairy godmother from hell.
All Phil wants is, just once, to have the courage to speak her mind. She blurts out her wish and suddenly finds she can't stop. To her friends. Her boss. Her Nana. And her best friend, hot and hunky co-worker, Josh. Before she can do any more damage, she begs for the spell to be reversed. And it is with a vengeance. Now everyone else is compelled to tell her the truth. Including Josh.
But the fairy godmother's not done. One more wish could change Phil's world forever if it doesn't ruin her life first.
Warning: Hot book, erotic sex.



Original Title: Be Careful What You Wish For


After reading “Wishful Thinking: The Swann Sisters” by Evangeline Andrews, I have come to the conclusion that being given wishes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You have to be very careful with wording and intention because misinterpretation, loop holes, and caveats abound. For example, “I wish I had the winning lottery ticket.” Seems simple enough but is it really?


Do you need to specify how you come to get the winning lottery ticket? Let’s face it, if you take the ticket off the person you just hit with your car or stabbed, you aren’t going to be enjoying the ticket for long.


You should probably clarify when you want this lottery ticket to win. Having the winning lottery ticket from 1955 isn’t going to help you because there is a limit on timeframe for claiming prizes. This week’s winning lottery ticket or even next week’s winning lottery ticket isn’t going to cut it. You could even go so far as Friday, September 30 2011 Mega Millions Lottery drawing and that might be specific enough.


Do you need to add in that you live long enough to enjoy cashing in and spending the money? The moment you realize you won, you could step off the curb and get hit by a bus. Might be an important point of clarification to make with the wish granter.


Do you need to clarify that you want the funds to bring you happiness and not to be an eternal source of pain as money sometimes can be? Will you know who your friends really are once you get the money? At this point, I am thinking you need an attorney and an accountant to help draw up the perfect wish documentation just to make sure you cover all your bases and even then, there is probably something that someone is going to forget that will mess up the whole wish.


So I guess my point is, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.


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