Wolverton Blood (Wolverton Shifter) by Brenda Williamson

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Wolverton Blood (Wolverton Shifter) by Brenda WilliamsonWolverton Blood (Wolverton Shifter)
by Brenda Williamson
Published by Samhain Publishing on August 22, 2006
Pages: 227
Genres: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance


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Shape-shifters threaten more than a woman's sanity, when she mates the leader of the pack. Timbers life was always a series of foster homes. She was a freak with her ability to shapeshift into an animal. She never knew there were people like her, so when she learns she has a family, she rushes to embrace them with her open heart. Only she soon discovers they had thrown her away and still dont want her. Kane is overwhelmingly attracted to the beautiful, green-eyed, young woman. However, he sees her as an upset to his life and to his emotions, and he wants her gone as much as everyone else. Except, after tasting the sweetness of her in his bed, he cant let her go. The animal in him likes the way she sates his lust. While they struggle with their relationship, the sinister plots of someone in the family threaten to destroy the love and trust they work to buildbut then, they knew, all along, that evil lurks in Wolverton Blood. Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and violence.



Original Title: What Is It With Jerks?


What is it with women wanting to be with men who are jerks? Just read “Wolverton Blood” by Brenda Williamson and all I can say is thank God for happy endings and character growth & transformation, otherwise I probably would have put this book down and walked away.


Basic synopsis- Timber Wolverton doesn’t know this but she is a lab created half-breed (wolf & cougar). She was put in an orphanage and then passed around to different foster families until she began making a life of her own, alone. What she knows is that she is a shape-shifter that was unwanted, unloved and suddenly she receives an invitation to come back to her birth family ancestral home. Family she has never known and always wanted finally wants her.


Kane Wolverton, alpha male (full wolf) who thinks everyone is out to get his family estate now that the half-breed creator is dead, meets Timber and she turns his world upside-down. His original idea that anything less than a full blooded wolf mate will not do to help him carry on his family blood line goes out the window when he falls head over heels for one of his uncles creations. Now if he can just keep the rest of his family and the other creations from killing her and each other.


I don’t care how good looking you are, I hate jerks. If within the first few minutes of looking at me, you tell me I am an idiot, am not wanted and should leave, call me names and then force me out of the car and try to force sexual acts on me….you are going to get punched or kneed and possibly both. Maybe this is just the older, wiser me talking but I would like to think the younger, more naïve me would have done the same.


So the fact that this Kane character treats Timber this way for almost ½ the book while they are having sex like bunnies and it is being explained that he really does care about her, really ticks me off. I give Timber about a quarter of an inch grace because she is in her first ever heat and hormones are a pain in the ass but still. Really? I would rather leave, find a stranger, scour in bleach, and wear a full body condom than put up with that kind of treatment.


My self-esteem isn’t great or even good but even I know not to tolerate that kind of treatment from anyone even for a few minutes much less as long as Timber did in this book. This is why there are women out there who stay in abusive relationships. This why there are people out there who think they can get away with being bullies. No sir. Not on my watch.


Now, as the book progresses, he does get better. He apologizes, and we find out that he does really love her and all of that but I have to say, I would not have stuck around long enough to get to that point in this relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole alpha-male thing. Nothing turns me on more than when a strong man makes me feel all girly but a really strong alpha-male man can do that without ever making me feel like less of a person. Actually, he does that while making me feel like I am the center of his universe. Try it girls, you will like it.


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