Stress, Stress, and more Stress.

Posted June 14, 2012 by Bodacious Bookworm in Rant / 0 Comments

The universe thrives on chaos.  Whenever you finally think you have things under control, the powers that be think…”We can’t have someone with it all together.  Let’s give this one something that really builds character.  If they survive that, let’s see how much they can take before they break.”  Well I have had enough, f u very much.  I think the universe needs to back the hell off and find some other person to harass for a while.  I have not done anything so bad that karma should feel the need to continually kick my butt this hard.  And that karmic or universal bitch needs to leave my family and friends alone, too.  I am about to put on my ass kicking boots and start taking names.

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