Nerdlesque 101: Full Frontal Nerdity

Posted May 24, 2015 by Bodacious Bookworm in Education, Events / 1 Comment

TalkNerdyToMe-minMy hubby saw this course offering at Comicpalooza in Houston this weekend.  What a great title!  New words and usages abound! Total side note here…you know your jealous because not only does my hubby embrace my full frontal nerdity, but also because he encourages me to do things like NERDLESQUE!

So back to my point- This is my kind of course.  It should be offered everywhere!  We should attend en mass!  The sexy side of nerd-dom!  Exploring the fabulosity of nerdity!  I could come up with additional course offerings all day long!  Maybe it should be its own convention!  Bring your stilettos and your slide rule!  Show off your glasses and asses!  The quantum physics of g-strings!  Adding new wave functions to a thong near you!  Sorry….must stop now!   Wheels in brain spinning out of control.

Here is a link to the course offering in case you need more.


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