Nana nana nana nana- Dark Knight Rises

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So let me tell you up front, I am not a Christian Bale fan.  Add to that the fact that I am biased to the Tim Burton Batman movie where Jack Nicholson played the best Joker ever.  And I have not been willing to see the other 2 Dark Knight Batman movies in the theater.  This was a movie I went to see because I love my hubby and he was practically drooling every time the topic came up.

This was a good movie.  Surprisingly, I really like it.  I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did and I think it is for a these reasons:  

  1. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson- need I say more. 
  2. There was only one time in the script where I questioned the reasonable logic of a normal person.  The rest of the script was good.  It was predictable but not in a bad way.  Everything was subtle enough to make it easy to just be entertained. 
  3. While I was questioning Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, she was really good and looked with a very nice couple of bum shots on the Batcycle.
  4. Tom Hardy was a really good Bane with a voice cross between Liam Neeson and Sean Connery.  The script for Bane was incredibly well written. It was ear candy through the whole movie.
  5. Seeing Matthew Modine play a wus was interesting.  He played a shockingly good jerk.
  6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Who knew this cutie could play such a great Blake/Robin.  He was amazing and we almost saw more of him than Batman.  Since that was Christian Bale, worked for me.
  7. Christian Bale only had a few scenes where you could see him or he opened his mouth.   For the rest, he was covered up and disguised as Batman so I was able to block out that it was him.  Helped a lot.  I kept seeing Val Kilmer in my mind.  Yum.

So, Yes, as much as I hate to put money in Christian Bale’s pocket and encourage people to continue to cast him in things, I have to recommend this movie for all the other factors that are not him.  It was worth paying full price in the theater to see this epic film.

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