Marrying The Bear (Gray Bears Book 1) by Natalie Kristen

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Marrying The Bear (Gray Bears Book 1) by Natalie KristenMarrying The Bear (Gray Bears Book 1)
Series: Gray Bears
by Natalie Kristen
Published by No Publisher Listed on October 15, 2015
Pages: 79
Genres: Fiction, Paranormal, Romance


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A wish unleashes magic, mayhem and the mating heat...

After suffering heartbreak and betrayal, Alisa Perez finds herself out of a job and running out of options. On a whim, she makes a wish. The wish is simple enough. She wishes to find her true love and live happily ever after.

Tristan Gray, bear shifter and the boss of Gray's Domain, receives a call from his grandmother. Gramma Gray raised Tristan and his three brothers after their parents died, and Tristan would never deny his Gramma anything. He agrees to her odd request to drive out of Shadow Point to escort her new hire back to Broomstick Inn.

When Alisa runs into danger, a big, growly man comes to her rescue. Tristan is sweet, sexy, tough and protective. He is everything a girl could wish for in a mate.

But Alisa knows from experience that wishes don't come true.
Or do they?
As Alisa rolls up her sleeves and dives into her new job as a chef in Broomstick Inn, she realizes that she just might have discovered the recipe for her very own happily-ever-after.



Other possible title of post: “Quick Hit of Happy”


Was this book challenging?  Nope.

Was it deep and thought provoking?  Nope.

Was this book short, sweet, sexy, and cheap?  Yup!  And let’s just repeat….$0.99 on Amazon and I read for “free” with Kindle Unlimited!  (Did I mention how much I love Kindle Unlimited?)   It was exactly what I was looking for at the end of a really rough day.  A quick hit of happy.


Here is what I really enjoyed about this novella..

  1. Quick, easy read.
  2. Funny bits (see the 2 grandma witches).
  3. Enough sex to make it interesting.
  4. Good characters with enough depth that I can understand their thought process and motivation without feeling like I need a psychology degree.   Oh, or getting upset at them for doing something stupid and completely out of character.
  5. I love mixing up mythologies.  Vamps, Witches, Wishes, AND Bears!  Love it!  The more the merrier!


So the down side of this book?

  1. Just as I am getting into the characters and story, it is over.
  2. The ending was a bit abrupt and I was left wanting more.  For the author, it is a good thing because there are more books in the series.  And it is even better that she has more books in the series out already or I might have had to deduct some from the rating.
  3. Some story inconsistencies like a silver kitchen knife (really?  in what universe would a chef use a silver kitchen knife?)

One quick note, WOW!  Alisa’s “bestie” was a total Beiatch!

In the end, I really liked this sweet story and am reading the rest of the series.  If they are anything like this one, I will go to bed a happy bear.




About Natalie Kristen

Natalie Kristen is a writer who enjoys mixing the sweet with the spicy, the light with the dark, the possibilities with the unimaginable. She enjoys exploring dystopian and paranormal worlds, deep desires and inspiring romances. She is hopelessly addicted to coffee, chocolate, reading and writing. She loves to hear from readers and would be thrilled if you would leave a review. Please feel free to follow her on Twitter and Facebook, or visit her blog for the latest news and updates.

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