Man of Steel stole my heart

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This post must be prefaced by stating that while my favorite superhero movie is Captain America, my second is Superman II.  Christopher Reeve was a really great and emotionally approachable Superman in the second movie and he holds a special place in my heart.  So that being said, Man of Steel had quite a bit to overcome just from that alone.  Add to that the casting of some of my least favorite actors (Kevin Costner & Russell Crowe) and I didn’t have high hopes.  I was wrong.

Henry Cavil-  Yes, he is wonderful eye candy but I am totally impressed with his serious acting chops.  There were some scenes where he was just walking, thinking, looking and his eyes and expressions conveyed some amazing depth.  His conveyance of the moral dilemmas presented were realistic, believable and allowed me to become absorbed in some really good story telling.  Note:The kids they have playing the younger Clarks were amazing as well.

Amy Adams- Spectacular Lois Lane!  I was never fond of Margot Kidder because she was too much “His Girl Friday” with some awful timing in her slapstick.  Margot Kidder played Lois Lane as either in your face or a total wimp both with horrible decision making skills.  On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, Amy Adams plays a real, feminine, strong woman with ambition and success but not at the expense of her principles.

The rest of the supporting cast was great.  They played their roles really well and didn’t distract from the story.  Even the special effects were amazing but not at the expense of the overall story.  But the true star of the movie is the story…as it should be.  These amazing actors & film makers brought to life a morality play about choices.  You can be bullied, an outsider, lose your family members but the important part is how you choose to live your life.   These characters chose to do the right thing even when it meant they might lose something.

One of the best scenes in the movie is when Clark goes to a church and talks to a priest.  Behind Clark, is a stain glass of the “Passion of Christ” which is praying in the garden asking God to take the burden of saving mankind from him.  This is exceptionally poignant because Clark is trying to decide if he is going to give himself up to save mankind.  Clark says something to the effect of “I know Zod cannot be trusted but I am not sure mankind can be trusted either”.  The conversation continues and just before Clark leaves, the priest says something that hit me in the gut…”Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first and trust comes later”.  Amazing.  Insightful.  So incredibly poignant to my motto of trying to live life without fear.

So, I went in without any real expectations and left with a beautiful, uplifting, touching, visually spectacular and well acted film that will be purchased for full price on BluRay with the 3 pak (BluRay, DVD, & Digital version).

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