Loving The Bear (Gray Bears Book 2) by Natalie Kristen

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Loving The Bear (Gray Bears Book 2) by Natalie KristenLoving The Bear (Gray Bears Book 2)
Series: Gray Bears
by Natalie Kristen
Published by No Publisher Listed on October 21, 2015
Pages: 78
Genres: Fiction, Paranormal, Romance


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Elle Redfern is done running. She has just bought a modest, little bakery and she hopes to finally be able to make a fresh start in this small town. She has never known love and happiness, and she wishes, with all her heart, that she could find true love and have a happily-ever-after. Like in a fairy tale. But her life is no fairy tale. She has the scars to prove it.
Aidan Gray has just returned to Shadow Point, and he is the new deputy sheriff in town. While on patrol, he runs into Elle, who is running away from her vengeful, violent ex-husband. Aidan takes her home to his family to keep her safe. Elle is his, and she never has to run again. This is where she belongs, here, with him, in this town.
With the help of Aidan and his loving family, Elle learns that even a scarred, half-broken, half witch has enough power and magic to protect herself and her loved ones. With a wish, some magic and a lot of courage, Elle pushes back and fights for her very own happily-ever-after.



So I was prepared for another quick hit of happy, which I got, but this was more.  Let’s just say that I really like some of the subtle and not so subtle messaging going on here.


Elle Redfern- Here is a woman who through her life has been told she isn’t enough- pretty enough, human enough, woman enough.  All these messages were from people who saw themselves as not enough and took that out on her.  In spite of all the negative messaging, she has the strength to put her abusive husband in jail and find a new life.  Then, with the help of a few people, she finds her power and gets the chance to move past her…well..past.  When the abusive husband shows up to kill her, instead of being bitter and hateful, she grants him the wish that is his hearts desire.  She gives him what he thinks he needs to be complete.  She doesn’t get back in his life, but she pays it forward to a person who hurt her deeply.  Amazing!


Aidan Gray- This bear shifter is a dream.  Not trying to fix someone even when he knows he can.  He loves Elle for who she is, scars and all, and helps her become more.  Not because he is trying to change her but because it is what she needs to be happy.  Then when she is in danger, he fights every instinct he has to go save her and lets her save herself because he knows she can.  What a man!


To do all this and still keep it a quick and easy read!  Nice.  And a shout out for the cover art!  Hot..hot..hot!



About Natalie Kristen

Natalie Kristen is a writer who enjoys mixing the sweet with the spicy, the light with the dark, the possibilities with the unimaginable. She enjoys exploring dystopian and paranormal worlds, deep desires and inspiring romances. She is hopelessly addicted to coffee, chocolate, reading and writing. She loves to hear from readers and would be thrilled if you would leave a review. Please feel free to follow her on Twitter and Facebook, or visit her blog for the latest news and updates.

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