Icy Heat (Heat Series) by Leigh Wyndfield

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Icy Heat (Heat Series) by Leigh WyndfieldIcy Heat
Series: Heat Series
by Leigh Wyndfield
Published by Samhain Publishing on June 6, 2008
Pages: 217
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Erotica, Fantasy


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A masked man with a burning secret is her only hope.
A Heat series story.
Aidan has only days to acquire a magic Globe to exchange for her brother’s freedom. With the clock counting down, she turns to Warwick the Enforcer for help. As her lies pile up and the passion between them builds, Aidan tries to keep her mind on her mission and ignore the man who lights her fire.
Warwick has spent his life preparing for revenge against the man who killed his parents and sentenced him to an existence behind a mask. But when Aidan calls in a debt he owes her, he cannot say no. The attraction he thought was one-sided explodes between them and he is shocked to find himself burning to possess her. One thing after another goes wrong—and Warwick discovers Aidan is working for his hated enemy.
As things spiral into danger they could never have imagined, passion burns into a love that could destroy them both.
This book has been previously published and has been revised and expanded from its original release.


Do you ever have books that you read over and over and over again?  This book is one of those for me.


Leigh Wyndfield has a way of being able to write from both a male a female character perspective with a vulnerability that is very believable.    This book is about damaged people who think that they are not capable of love based on what has happed to them- burned body, being constantly let down by the people you should be able to depend on, and the ability of those damaged people to find that love in each other.


This book developed the characters to show that while for some people damage is visible, for others it isn’t but can be just as difficult to get past in order to move on in life.  Aidan, in particular, has nothing physically wrong with her but is referred to as the “Ice Queen” because she doesn’t let people touch her.  Her reasoning is that when people touch, they get close and close leads to depending on people, which leads them letting her down.   Her brother, Zach, is the only family she has left in the universe and she has spent her life cleaning up after his gambling addiction.   She is strong, smart, and straight forward without being annoying.  Sometimes authors have a tendency to shift the basic nature of a character when they fall in love.  Not so in this story with Aidan.  She is consistent in her logic, heart, and actions through the whole story.  I believed she would have done everything exactly as it was written and that consistency is appreciated.


Warwick’s damage is more visible and it has impacted every relationship he has ever…well…not had, until Aidan.  She doesn’t see his scars as a big deal and he doesn’t understand because they have been his world.  Having hidden behind those scars for so long, Warwick doesn’t know how to deal with a woman- his dream woman- when she sees all of him.  When he cried into her hair the first time they were together because it was the first time someone touched him as though they were actually truly attracted to him, I fell a little in love with Warwick.  And the way the author writes about Aiden tracing the lines of Warwick’s “muscles on muscles” with her tongue… MWROWRRRR!


While this book is not going to win any awards for new and ingenious plot and doesn’t have any challenging twists and turns, it was a well written attention getting story.  There was a nice mix of action and adventure with some steamy (very steamy) sex scenes between some very memorable characters and I have read it 10 times because I really enjoyed Aidan and Warwick and wanted to get to know them better.

About Leigh Wyndfield

Leigh Wyndfield lives in rural Virginia with her grumpy cat Boo, a sweet old lab named Murphy and the best guy in the world. A city girl at heart, she’s embracing the mysteries of growing blueberries and waking up to bunnies running from foxes in her front yard. Traveling and working a day job round out her time – oh and running for exercise (a slow, painful process she’s been told is good for her, although that’s hard to believe since it never once has been fun). She writes romance fiction that is out of this world.

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