Fresh Fiction Reviewer!

Posted August 21, 2011 by Bodacious Bookworm in Reviewer / 0 Comments

That’s right world. Step back. You are reading a blog post for a new reviewer for Fresh Fiction! Very excited! That news has been the cherry to my pretty great day. Hubby made cookies to make up and because he loves me. I get to make my picks for Fantasy Football team draft. Bought the best sexy shoes and spider web top I have ever seen to go with these great thigh high hose I have. (Isn’t there something about finding some great sexy shoes that just makes the day seem brighter?) My GM is coming in back in town along with my brother, his wife and my spectacular nephews. Facebook with my sis and friends this afternoon. We are getting ready for vacation in a week or so and hubby is taking me dancing this week. My cloud is definitely nine and that is before I even start reading my next Lara Adrian book “Ashes of Midnight” tonight.

I am raising my glass of unsweetened iced tea hoping that my real job doesn’t squash my good mood tomorrow and make me regret not having something stronger than iced tea. Cheers.

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