FREE? Did you say Free Books!….wait, it isn’t the whole book? LIAR!

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Thank all the powers that be for free books!  Specifically, Amazon and their “Top Free 100” list.  HOWEVER this new way of splitting up a book into sections to lure me into a story and then get more money from me trying to get the rest is making me mad.  AND not having the whole thing out so I can read the whole story of one couple all the way through makes my eye twitch.

My hubby and I are trying to cut costs across the household budget and one of the things we noticed was the amount of money that was supporting my book habit.  That is right…I admit it….I have an addiction.  Hey!  Don’t judge. It doesn’t help that I read fast and have a touch of insomnia.  Ok…more than a touch.

So, I get this book “All That He Demands” by Olivia Thorne off the free Amazon free list to try to relax and end my rather busy day.  I read it and it was easy, quick and just plain good BUT it isn’t the whole story.  Nooooo.  It is only a few chapters…a mere Novella!  Deep breath taken and I go looking for the rest.

There is another story “All That He Desires”.  Again, easy, quick and really good and so I had to pay $2.99 BUT it wasn’t the whole story AGAIN!  Another deep breath and some ground teeth but I go find the next part “All That He Wants”.  Easy, quick and really good, another $2.99 and this is where my anger burns bright…NOT THE END OF THE STORY!  Not only not the end of the story but the next part was “supposed” to come out end of May 2013 so I think I am golden.  When I go look for the next book to see how much this one will set me back…it hasn’t been released yet.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

My preference (and this is all about me, right?) is to wait until a whole series is out before I read it because I want to read it all the way through.  Sometimes that isn’t possible when you have say..9 or more books in your series (Kresley Cole, Lauren Dane, Bianca D’Arc, Lara Adrian, and so many others) and you keep putting out more or creating spin offs to the series.

What keeps me happy with those series is that each book is its own episode.  There is some underlying story line across the series but it merely facilitates the episodic relationships and allows for getting updates on some of your favorite characters.  I can live with that because each book has some form of resolution.  Cliff Hangers and I don’t get along.  There has been enough waiting and unresolved situations in my real life, I don’t want that in my entertainment.  Periodically, if it is a REALLY great story, I can tolerate but even they typically have a sort of decrescendo at the end of the episode.

So Olivia Thorne, thanks for contributing a good story that I WANT to read but PLEASE put the next one out and let it be the end/resolution.  I can honestly say, I would have paid $6.00 for your whole book and it would have me coming back to read other books you write but as of right now, I am hesitant to get involved in your other books if they are just going to leave me hanging every time.

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