Dirty Play by Violet Paige

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I received this book for free from an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Don't read if you are under 17. Lots of vivid sex scenes.
Dirty Play by Violet PaigeDirty Play: Sports Romance
by Violet Paige
Published by No Publisher Listed on March 24, 2016
Pages: 149


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SYNOPSIS: Wes Blakefield has it all. A winning record. A killer arm. And a smile that will get any woman in his bed. But everything changes when an injury leaves the Wranglers’ quarterback sidelined.

Lennon Ashworth is trying to rebuild her life in San Antonio. Focused on her career in medicine she has no idea what the fuss is about when a hot green-eyed athlete ends up in her operating room.

Wes is used to getting what he wants and when he meets the woman who repaired his hand, he decides he’s not letting her get away. The only problem is Lennon fights her attraction for the country’s hottest playboy.

Tension grows. The fire heats up. And lines are crossed when Wes is determined Lennon is his ultimate score.

Dirty Play is a FULL LENGTH, Standalone sports romance with a dirty talking football star and explicit sex scenes. When you're done reading, hitting the showers will have a whole new meaning.

REVIEW:  (Brace yourself for some spoilers.)

Foul-mouthed Wes Blakefield wants to play football and have sex- always, and in that order. Fortunately, he has been blessed with being a top quarterback with a flock of women waiting to do whatever he wants. Everything Wes wants is at his fingertips, including a Super Bowl ring, until a stupid, drunken accident during practice leaves Wes with an injured hand that should take him out of the game.

Lennon (love the name) Ashworth is a smart, beautiful surgeon who has left her life in New England to start over in Texas and get away from a cheating ex-boyfriend. In the middle of her new start, Lennon ends up the surgeon on call that does surgery on Wes the womanizer and egotistical schmuck.

For Wes, ending up under Lennon’s care is a huge problem. He wins. Period. He will do anything to win. Lennon is beautiful and Wes wants her but she doesn’t know who he is, doesn’t know anything about football, and she has ethics. So when Wes jeopardizes his career and health with some illegal medical assistance from another “Dr.”, Lennon wants to get past the lies and understand why Wes is so driven even at the risk of her heart.

Investigative reporters, pregnancy, and a Super Bowl bring the story to a somewhat satisfying HEA.

My Thoughts:
I feel the need to disclose that I am, by nature and by nurture, a rule follower. Some may even go so far as to classify me as a “rule enforcer” since I am an audit and compliance professional. BUT, that does not mean I do not see the illegitimacy or irrelevancy of rules. There are some rules that are black and white and some rules that need to apply a variegated color scheme.

This book presents an interesting ethical dilemma for a medical professional and a professional athlete. My personal feeling is that Wes failed the ethics test. As a former athlete, I understand why he did but I cannot condone his actions. Lennon attempts and reasonably succeeds in keeping her ethics intact for most of the book but I struggle with the ultimate decision to engage in willful blindness and then generally covering up Wes’ actions.

Other thoughts:

1) I am grateful for the eye candy that is the cover image. Fwahhhhh.

2) This book is called “Dirty Play” which of course leads my mind straight to the gutter and I think this book will have some dirty sex. This assumption is reinforced by the reference in the first chapter to aforementioned dirty sex. However, there is lead up and discussion of dirty sex but no actual dirty sex is described in the book. It is passionate, erotic, and hot but not dirty. This is somewhat disappointing. Maybe I am reading too many erotic novels?

3) The author was extremely successful in making Wes look like an egomaniacal ass for most of the book but I find it difficult to believe that no other issues came up related to his past womanizing.

4) Wes and Lennon’s does not start out on the best foot but it was fairly amusing when their first encounter ends up with Wes thinking Lennon is a hooker sent to cheer him up after surgery.

5) Some may have issues with Lennon, a smart, successful, surgeon, falling into bed with Wes but smart people make bad choices too. And, let’s just say that it is a dream of some women with a controlling disposition to be able to trust someone so completely that they can finally let go and be out of control, particularly in a sexual scenario. No decisions to make. Just tell me…I mean them…oops…where to be and what to do. And then, let someone else do it really, really well. All. Night. Long. Sigh.

6) Shout out for the safe sex until they forget it for the second round. After all the womanizing he is so proud of…ewwwww…just, ewwwwww.

7) Mid-book, it could have turned into a plot of Wes using Lennon to get her to release him from recovery more quickly but I appreciate that it didn’t take that turn.

8) As a woman in Texas, I can completely relate to the Football religion that people in other areas of the country may not be able to understand.

9) There was a bit of a jump from the end of the final chapter to the Epilogue but the epilogue saved the book for me. Seeing a guy with his kids being a great Dad and being a great, though still foul mouthed, husband goes a long way in the character redemption category.



Quick, easy, and entertaining read by new author, Violet Paige.  While I did have issues with some of the character’s decision-making skills and the final chapter was a bit abrupt (thank you Epilogue), it is a solid first and I look forward to more books from Ms. Paige in the future.


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