Cascadia Wolves

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Lauren Dane/

Another day, another werewolf series. While the Cascadia wolf series by Lauren Dane was good for sex scenes and I love some of the strong, witty, spunky female characters (Nina and Grace); I can’t help but wish for something more. My finger is want for identifying exactly what that “something” could possibly be but maybe it is the irritation I felt for the too perfect Warden family. It could be as simple as it being too “easy” for them to find their mate and for good to conquer evil in these books.

While I love that this breed of creature walks into the room and scents their mate immediately and rushes head first into hot and steamy sex, it also bugs me that they have so little control over their libidos when they finally find the “one”. In fact, they are even encouraged to rush down the hall to seal the bond before they even really know each other’s name. As much as I love passionate, steamy sex, it took a credit report and a blood test before I said yes to my hubby. No way can I get on board with “You. Me. Bedroom. Now.” within 5 minutes of meeting someone…Fate, Destiny, DNA, Chemistry, or not.

Maybe it is that they only start to reveal that they could have avoided the whole war thing before it all started if they would have not made some sweeping generalizations about the whole evil Pellini family in the first place. Doesn’t everyone love to be judged by the actions of their families. My brother is evil, therefore I must be as well.

Don’t get me wrong. Warren Pellini, the bad guy in this series, is by far a malicious and truly evil bastard. His parents are ranked right up there with him for their actions and the treatment of the rest of the wolf community. But the fact that being a werewolf is a virus that can be manipulated by anyone bugs me. The scientific part of my brain acknowledges the logic of the conclusion but the romantic anthropologist in me doesn’t want to think about germs when they are in the heat of the moment and that all it could take is a scratch to get furry.

As a final side note, I do appreciate that this mythology allowed for multiple mates and that mates are fallible even with the connection but not sure what the anchor bond brought to the mythology other than the ability to fulfill threesome fantasies. BUT…I do enjoy fantasies so who am I to judge.

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