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Katie MacAlisterSometimes you find an author that makes you just want to shout “Hallelujah”! Well, Katie MacAlister is one of those authors. Thank you DFW Tea Readers for the recommendation. The first book I read was “The Corset Diaries” and my only recommendation is do not read it in the middle of the night next to a sleeping husband. I woke him up with my bursts of laughter 3 times. I didn’t mean to, I just couldn’t help it.

Then I read the Noble Series- “Noble Intentions”, “Noble Destiny” and “The Trouble with Harry”. Love, Liked a lot, and Love.

I couldn’t get enough so I read “Suffragette in the City”, then I read it, “Noble Intentions” and “The Trouble with Harry” again. But, I wanted more of Katie’s wicked sense of humor, great sex scenes, and wonderful characters.

So I read “Blow Me Down”- Loved It, “Hard Day’s Knight”- Loved It, the 2 Novella book “Ain’t Myth Behaving”- Absolutely freaking loved it!!!! Then I read “Noble Intentions” and “The Trouble with Harry” again.

At the last Book Club meeting, I was told that I needed to read her Dragon and Vampire series. There seemed to be some debate as to which I should read first because both are passionately defended. Since I am a huge Vampire lover, I chose the Vampires and in one week read the whole series. While my favorite is the novella “Bring Out Your Dead” with the William head being kept as a pet, I digress. WOW! What a wickedly funny, bizarrely twisted, wonderfully creative, “I want to party with you” woman Katie MacAlister is.

While I have some other books I need to read right now, I will be revisiting the Dragon series soon and I am quite sure I will be reading several of her books again and again because they make me laugh every time.

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