A Whole Lot of Midnight

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So I finished reading the Lara Adrian “The Midnight Breed” series of books to date (new one expected out in early 2012).
Kiss of Midnight (1), Kiss of Crimson (2), Midnight Awakening (3), Midnight Rising (4), Veil of Midnight (5), Ashes of Midnight (6), Shades of Midnight (7), Taken by Midnight (8), and Deeper than Midnight (9). Do you get all the Midnight in them and hence the title of this post?

This is a mythology I can understand. I have always liked the idea of a one perfect mate with a bond but also know the frailty of emotions and think that a lot happens especially over particularly protracted lifetimes to screw up a perfectly good relationship. And to leave that person mate-less if something happens just seems cruel.

Lets face it, it only takes seconds to screw up a relationship and here we are giving these vampire characters hundreds of years. And they are warriors. You can’t tell me a few years of killing people doesn’t knock a few screws lose in the emotion department. So wrap that up with finding a woman who has a special birthmark, may or may not know what means, your a starving vamp looking for your next meal and if you drink her blood, she is mated to you forever, yippee skippy. No chance for a misunderstanding there. We are talking cargo loads of prime baggage here. It may not be Louis Vuitton but beat up American Tourister is just as heavy.

So now in this series, the characters can have these bonds and still screw them up. They can attach themselves to the wrong person and well, with no divorce, you just have to hope that person dies or if you are a bad person, take matters into your own hands. This, I understand. My psyche isn’t stretched to believe betrayal, deceit, lies….wait….how sad is that. Even my fantasies can’t be fantasies. I am going to go read something with a lot of sex in it now to try to hide my shame.

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